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Peter Scarfe Practical Theory Lessons

Teaching Electric Guitar, Steel String Acoustic Guitar, & more in Witney, Brampton, Carterton and surrounding areas 

Learn to play different chords, music notation and more with Peter Scarfe!

One-to-one guitar tuition available at competitive rates by Peter Scarfe. And if you introduce a friend, you'll get a free half-hour learning session with Peter. 

Peter makes it fun to learn the guitar and his teaching techniques will make you want to come back for more. All the lessons he provides are based on a specific method that makes each lesson unique. Read below to know more...

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The theory used for these instruments is a practical Method of Theory that you can use in your playing. Playing scales and arpeggios to backing track’s and learning intervals so that you can construct your own chords and solos, and much more. 
Peter Scarfe teaches the electric guitar till grade eight in all modern styles, rock, pop, blues, funk & metal. Most of the songs students learn will be played to backing tracks which are good practice for maintaining time & good band preparation if that is your goal.

From the basics of how to hold the guitar to playing fast and complex solos, we will cover everything with theory incorporated.


Classical guitar theory is based around music notation, and Peter uses the ABRSM course to cover this, along with Theory that is more specific to the classical guitar. Grades can be taken in Theory if you decide to.

Some students want to learn songs off of CDs whereas others like to play solo guitar or some like to sing and play. So whatever you would like to learn on the classical or acoustic guitar, it will be tailored to suit your requirements. Ideally this instrument is suited and taught for sing and play, solo guitar, blues and light rock.

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Looking to get guitar lessons for school exams or it's a university acceptance requirement?

Contact Peter Scarfe in Witney, Bampton, Carterton; providing guitar lessons for over 32 years.

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