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Peter Scarfe Guitar Tuition

Making Every Lesson Count

Enjoy your Guitar Lessons in a happy friendly environment in Peter's studio in Witney or learn online via Webcam at a pace that suits your level & ability.

Music Exam Preparation, Learning Your Favourite Songs, Lead Guitar Band Player

Or any other guitar lesson you require, Peter Scarfe can help with all! 

Whether it's style's of blue's, country music, rock and pop, or any other, Peter can help you learn all these using Tab and Notation combination. If you're a part of a band and need to learn some songs for technical requirements, visit Peter's studio and learn music together! Peter can also help you with your school GCSE and A-Level exams along with University acceptance preparation.

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Scales are an important part of guitar practice so Peter do tend to work on scales frequently. Standard notation is used to play classical guitar.


Classical Guitar Lessons are all taught at a pace to suit your practice time and ability using Music Notation. Learn to play Duet’s with Peter or with an accompaniment track. Enter for Classical Music Festivals, Play for fun or take Grade’s, or even a combination of everything. Peter has been teaching classical guitar for over 30 years and putting students in for grades for the same length of time. He teaches all the basic classical guitar techniques up to grade eight. Contact today to book your session.


Contrary to the beliefs of most beginners, the bass guitar can be played to the level of six string guitar and can incorporate many complex techniques. Peter teaches the bass guitar following a similar system to the six string guitar using backing tracks and band preparation.


Bass Guitar Lessons are based on playing covers of bands and also Constructing Bass Line’s to go over Chord Progressions using arpeggios and scales and preparation for playing in a band situation.


You will be able to tailor your needs for learning the Guitar, so tell Peter what you want and come up together with a tuition plan to meet your needs.

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Guitar Lesson


Lessons for small children include playing nursery rhymes from standard music notation and learning a few guitar basics and banging drums in beat. Parents are quite welcome to sit in on these lessons if they want to. This is a good idea as help from parents at home with small children is often needed, along with reminders to practice.

Peter is DBS Checked and has taught many children over the past years. 

For beginners, the guitar is an excellent instrument to learn as it is so portable and convenient. There is also no shortage of people to play along with when you're up to that standard. It can be played using standard music notation or a combination of guitar tablature and notation.

Peter has taught many beginners over the years with ages ranging from four to eighty and as long as one practices regularly, then its highly likely that you will be able to play. Peter is known for his patience and can adapt his teaching techniques for children and adults with an excellent level of tuition.

Many of Peter's students are now playing in bands and solo up and down the country. Peter's solo performances were mainly weddings and social events and generally just local engagements as Peter has always remained busy with teaching the guitar which is his main interest. Take a look at the extensive work Peter has done on his YouTube channel

Contact Peter Scarfe for Guitar Lessons today at 01993 681280.

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