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Electric Guitar


I teach the electric guitar to grade eight in all modern styles, rock, pop, blues, funk & metal. Most of the songs we learn will be played to backing tracks which are good practice for keeping in time & good band preparation if that is your goal.

We will cover soloing, chords and general guitar work with theory incorporated. From the basics of how to hold the guitar to playing fast and complex solos.




Bass Guitar


Contrary to the beliefs of most beginners the bass guitar can be played to the level of the six string guitar and can incorporate many complex techniques. I teach the bass guitar following a similar system to the six string guitar using backing tracks and band preparation.








Classical Guitar


I have been teaching the classical guitar for 23 years and putting students in for grades for the same length of time. I teach all the basic classical guitar techniques up to grade eight. If you do not want to take grades you can just learn for fun.

Scales are an important part of guitar practice so I do tend to work on scales frequently. Classical guitar is played using standard notation. also you may like to play duets or trios which is all possible should you want to. We shall be playing music from fifteenth century to modern day music.



Steel string acoustic guitar


The acoustic guitar is played with fingers or a plectrum but I tend to use a plectrum because unlike the classical guitar the neck is quite narrow so it can cause difficulties with finger picking. I teach this style basically made to measure to the individual.

Some students want to learn songs off of CDs whereas others like to play solo guitar or some like to sing and play. So whatever you would like to learn on the acoustic guitar, it will be tailored to suit your requirements. Ideally this instrument is suited and taught for sing and play, solo guitar, blues and light rock.




Lessons for Small Children


Lessons for small children include playing nursery rhymes from standard music notation and learning a few guitar basics and banging drums in beat. Parents are quite welcome to sit in on these lessons if they want to. This is a good idea as help from parents at home with small children is often needed, along with reminders to practice.

Singing along with the guitar is also something I encourage especially with youngsters. I also give out rewards for students who practice regularly.

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Beginners Lessons


If you have never played a musical instrument the guitar is an excellent instrument to learn as it is so portable and convenient. There is also no shortage of people to play along with when your up to that standard. It can be played using standard music notation or a combination of guitar tablature and notation.

The electric and steel string acoustic guitars lend there selves best to the guitar tablature method where as the classical guitar is a more read as you see it instruments have taught many beginners over the years with ages ranging from four to eighty and as long as you practice regular then its highly likely that you will be able to play. I am a very patient person and can adapt my teaching to children and adults with an excellent level of tuition.







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